Traveller's Notebook

We hope that when you are holding this notebook in your hand it tempts and inspires you to go on a journey. Carry it in daily life and in your travels, as if it is your actual trip. After all, “Free Spirit” comes from this constant action of seeking something, and we hope this notebook can wake the “Free Spirit” that exists inside you.

On your journey, having this in your hand. It may change your life !


Premium Leather

Handcrafted using the highest quality buffallo leather. The cover ages beautifully and develops a character that remains as your memories, you should see yourself being reflected on the notebook

Refillable & Modular

It has a very minimal and simple design so that people can customise it the way they want. All inserts removable and changeable

Multiutility Organiser

The inside components consists of Notebooks, Zip- Card case and Envelope Pocket are used together to make an organiser in which you can put your necessary items such as phone, cash, cards, passport, receipts and more.

Rough & Tough

Extremely durable, only gets better with age and all inserts are changeable

Included Accessories

Contains Leather Cover, 2 Notebooks, Kraft Insert & Zip Case


Beautiful re-usable retro envelope style box with leather studs

Work Diary

Make it your office and work diary and get things done

Art Journal

Make it your personal journal and express yourself during travels and at home


Notice how easy it is to hold this notebook in your hand ,you’ll start to feel the joy from writing down things that come to your mind. This size also makes it easy to slip maps and tickets you collect, besides you may find a new feature every day

Regular Size : 8.75″ x 5″

Pocket Size : 5.5″ x 4.25″

Leather : Luxury Buffalo Leather 

Notebooks : 80 GSM Ultra Smooth

They are the perfect sizes to carry with you at all times, in hand, in bag or pocket.

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