Beautiful Design : Foldables is lightweight, portable and stackable furniture which has a unique artistic design

Endless Possibilities : Foldables is truly versatile as it can be used both indoors and outdoors, at Homes and Offices and in Creative and Commercial spaces. Foldables can be used in many ways such as a Stool, Table, Foot Rest, Night Stand, Standing Work Desk, Table & Chair and two separate pieces can be combined into one by attaching their covers together

Advanced Origami Structure : Foldables innovative structural design makes it withstand extreme weight. It can take a load of upto 200 Kgs

Durable & Splash resistant : Foldables is water resistant and is made to last. It is handcrafted using specially manufactured laminated kraft paper panels

Assembly Free & Sustainable : Foldables assembles and folds in a blink and requires no tools. It is also completely recyclable

Top Seat : The top seat is made of a special material which provides cushion and sturdiness for it to be used as a seat as well as a table. It is waterproof and comes in dual colour black and grey to suit any decor.

The product box includes the foldable structure and the top seat.

Endless ways to use..

Combine Foldables to create useful instalations

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